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Last update: Today, August 25th, 2016
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2x Cameron CB599 cylinders, REGO fittings, fresh PRV/PPT/INT. In excellent condition with good covers. Trade in of TEMA cylinders is negotiable.
Cameron Bonanno Quick Release, with two karabiners.
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D-OOMB, Kubicek BB34Z, built 2008, 81 hrs. Polyester fabric, fast deflation system. Advertising is printed. Can be delivered with fresh ARC. Currently not registered.
G-CEOV, Lindstrand LBL 120A, built 2007, 180 flights, 172 hrs. Hyperlife top (top third), turning vents, Q-vent rapid deflation system. Lindstrand basket, 1.55m x 1.10m, built 2007, 35 flights / hrs. Black leather top rim, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, drop line, pilot restraint harness, first aid kit, quick release, karabiners and tether rings, document bag. Lindstrand Jetstream Series 2 double burner, built 2010, 35 flights / hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. Toggle valves, in very good condition. 2x Cameron stainless steel 60 liter cylinders, built 1991, REGO fittings, Quick shut off valves. 1x master, 1x slave, red covers. PRV/PPT/INT valid until December 2016 (can be provided with new PPT if required). 8.0 HP inflation fan with wooden prop, built in 1997, stainless frame with fixed axle. ARC valid until December 5th 2015. Currently stored in Asia. All in very good condition.
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Dutch writer Daphne Deckers wrote a new book for children. The title characters are the sheep, the duck and the rooster who where the first living beings that made a balloon flight. "The history books are full of great heroes. People who have done something important, who have won, defended or invented. Joseph and his brother Etienne Montgolfier were such people. They built the first hot air balloon, and are the pioneers of aviation. However, this story is not about them. Or rather, not only about them. Because history also has little heroes, with names that everyone has forgotten or that almost no one knew. For example the name Georgette, a stubborn sheep that was born on the estate of the French Montgolfier family. Without Georgette, the history of aviation might have been quite different. But what has a sheep to do with a hot air balloon?" This book is written in Dutch and on a reading level for kids of 10-12 years old. It can now be purchased through the Balloons4sale Pilot shop and we have stock for immediately shipping. Undoubtedly a must have on your book shelf, but can be used as a (landing) gift as well!
(Cylinder) Warning stickers "For use in hot air balloon only", red vinyl, 13 x 5 cm. Price per batch of 5 stickers.
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G-DUMP, CustomCraft 25A, built 2004, 6:30 hrs. CustomCraft bottom end, with burner with REGO fitting. Can be flown with various cylinders (no cylinder included). No EASA certification, Annex 2 aircraft.
D-OLCE, Colt 21A, built 1995, 49 hrs. New parachute. With Cameron Skyhopper bottom end, with twist grip valve. Can be flown with 1 or 2 cylinders. 2x Worthington cylinders, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2025. ARC valid until 29.06.2017.
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OO-BAN, Ultramagic N-210, built 2009, 232 flights, 250:05 hrs. Smart vent, turning vents, Ultralast top (all yellow fabric). Pictures made in April 2016, not flown since. Envelope currently located in Malaysia. Will be delivered with new CofA.
OO-BGX, Kubicek BB70Z, built 07/2010, 386 hrs. 7.000 m3 / 245.000 ft3. Top third hyperlast, two rows of nomex, smart vent, turning vents. Artwork sewn in but can stay. Envelope is in good condition. Comes with fresh EASA Form 1.
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Cameron 90-105 Aristocrat basket (CB300-4A) with red suede top rim, red side wall padding and cushion floor, drop line and document bag. 4 karabiners. Cameron MK4 Super double burner (CB579-1) with vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings, multihole jets. Hoses replaced 11/2008. Burners completely serviced with new O-rings and KSP125 grease. All in good condition and immediately available. Comes with fresh EASA Form 1.
Ultramagic C6 basket, built 2001, approximately 600 flights. Including drop line, 2kg fire extinguisher, first aid kit, 8 cylinder straps. Some repairs carried out (see pictures). Ultramagic Mk10 double burner with vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings. Hoses replaced in 2011. Comes with EASA Form 1.
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Lindstrand 77 basket, swept top, 1.10m x 1.30m, with metal steps, brown suede top rim. Rarely used.
Cameron 120/140P basket (CB3025-iss C), special model with small separate compartment for the tanks. Black leather top rim, side wall padding, cushion floor. Teflon on runners, dropline fire extinguisher bag. Compatible with any Cameron burner in standard size frame. In perfect condition, comes with fresh EASA Form 1. Immediately available.
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Cameron MK4 Super double burner. Vapour pilot lights. One burner fitted with multihole jets, one with single hole jets. Completely serviced in June 2016. New hoses installed. REGO fittings with dust caps. Cameron CB871 frame with flexible corners, fits most Cameron baskets up to 120 open. Piezo igniters and pressure gauges fully functional. In very good condition, comes with fresh EASA Form 1. Immediately available.
Cameron Triple Sirocco burner, built 2011, 32 flights, 36 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. No frame included, gimbal block fitting for any suitable Cameron frame with gimbal block suspension. Will come with new inspection by Cameron and EASA Form 1. Shipping can be arranged.
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2x Cameron CB599 cylinders, REGO fittings, fresh PRV/PPT/INT. In excellent condition with good covers. Trade in of TEMA cylinders is negotiable.
4x Cameron CB497 cylinders, built 1987. All slave. Usable volume 42.6 liter. REGO fitting with new O-rings. New bleedvalve. Fresh PRV/PPT/INT, valid until 05/2026. Comes with EASA Form 1. Immediately available.
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8.0 HP inflation fan, Honda engine. Stainless steel flip wheel frame, good cage. Well used wooden propeller. Immediately available.
11.0 HP inflation fan, stainless steel flip wheel frame. Very good engine, wooden propeller and a good cage. Completely serviced, new air filter, spark plug and oil.
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3.0m Staffordshire single axle trailer, with Aporte II hard top. Brakes recently serviced with a new damper fitted to the braked hitch. Nylon slide boards inside and a height adjustable fan bracket. Tyres in good condition, hitch lock with 2 keys. All lights are working, quick release number plate holders.
Single axle 3.0m Indespension trailer, inside dimensions 3.0m x 1.5m x 1.5m. Max total load 1300 kg. In good condition with good tyres.
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Brauniger IQ Basis II vario, in meters per second, with plexicover. In good working condition, might need calibration.
GPS Garmin 196, in original box and with all original accessories and user manual. In good condition.
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G-BMJP, Colt AS-56 Airship. Built 1985, 50 hrs. Silver Hyperlast top. Velcro for banners. No artwork. Konig engine. 2x 60 liter tanks.
Gas balloons
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20m3 Model balloon envelope Egg special shape, built 2014, used for only 7 flights.
Model balloon inflation fan, engine by Solo. Only used a few times.
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Cameron Bonanno Quick Release, with two karabiners.
8x leather tank strap, in good shape.
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STOLEN: Complete 77 kit, reported stolen from Normanton Golf Club around January 15th.UPDATE: Some of the items have been recovered, albeit with severe damage. The other parts are still missing. Please keep your eyes open and report any details... Envelope: G-CILM, Cameron Z-77, CN 11877. Basket: Lindstrand LBL 105 basket, CN BA801 Burner: Lindstrand double Jetstream 2 burners, CN BU675 Tanks: Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder with red cover, CN 733 Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder with red cover, CN 734 Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder with red cover, CN 735 Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder with red cover, CN 736 Cameron CB599 cylinder with red cover, CN 2965-1502 Cameron CB599 cylinder with red cover, CN 2536-1145 Inflation fan: Lindstrand 8.0 HP inflation fan Trailer: Weymar twin axle balloon trailer (CN 222127/uun218) Other items: full tether kit, quick release, instruments If you have any information please Martin Axtell on +44 - (0) 778 - 6622802.
STOLEN: Entire Lindstrand cloudhopper bottom end. Stolen following a landing at 17.50 on the 5th of October 2013 - on Bramshot Common, near Liphook, Hampshire, UK. The theft took place during the 25 minutes it took us to go to the guard room to get the key to unlock the security gate. There is no way any vehicle could have accessed the site, so it was lifted and carried - some considerable distance - probably by local yobs who possibly saw it as scrap value. They left the envelope bag there. Stolen parts are the bottom end (frame and seat, CN BA808), burner (CN BU936), Cameron CB426 tank (CN 0273/4606). The balloon identification plate with registration G-CDAD is welded to the seat frame. Police report has been filled and the hope is that the bits might surface locally - or end up on Ebay. As there are only a few of these around, please help me by being vigilant.
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Wanted: Cameron Stratus double burner, with liquid pilot lights. Can pay cash or swap for a Cameron Shadow double burner.
Wanted: 2x Lindstrand LBL V20 cylinders
For Rent
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