G-BMJP Colt AS-56 Airship
G-BMJP, Colt AS-56 Airship. Built 1985, 50 hrs. Silver Hyperlast top. Velcro for banners. No artwork. Konig engine. 2x 60 liter tanks.
D-OTTE Gefa-Flug AS-105 GD
D-OTTE, Gefa-Flug AS-105 GD, built 2006, 262 hrs. With Gefa-Flug 4-seat gondola, built 2000, 612 hrs flown. Engine hours 312. Fully equipped but needs complete overhaul and update of radio and transponder. Cameron double burner, built 2000, 612 hrs. Vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings. Hoses older than 10 years. 4x Cameron CB426 cylinders, Master, REGO fitting, QSO valves, red cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2020. 13.0 HP inflation fan with flip wheel frame, built 2000. Heiker HF20 tandem axle trailer, built 2001. Max total weight: 2000 kg. Last flown in 2011, ARC expired in 2011. Comes with various maintenance tools, equipment and 1 spare envelope (D-OTTA, Gefa-Flug AS-105 GD, built 2001, 343 hrs. Last flown in 2009, ARC expired in 2011.
Thunder & Colt Airship gondola
Thunder & Colt Airship gondola, built for Thunder & Colt AS 80 MK II Airship G-BROL. Built 1989, 463 hrs flown. Thunder & Colt double burner, built 1989, 463 hrs. Hoses are more than 10 years old. Vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings. 4x Thunder & Colt H30AS cylinders, built 1988, 2x 1989, 1x 1990, 60 liter, Master, REGO fittings, quick shut off valves. PRV/PPT/INT expired. 13.0 HP inflation fan, Cameron, built 2000, stainless steel flip wheel frame. Heiker HF20 tandem axle trailer, built 2000, max load 2000 kg. Needs complete overhaul (engine hours 143) and update of radio and transponder. Not flown since 2003. ARC expired since 2003.