Wanted: Cameron Titanium tank
Wanted: Cameron Titanium tank, either CB2383 (80L) and/or CB2380 (60L). Tanks with any connectors, expired PPT or old PRV's as well as maintenance of valves or gauge needed are of interest as well.
Wanted: 2x V20 cylinders
Wanted: 2x Lindstrand LBL or Thunder & Colt V20 cylinders
Wanted: 80 liter cylinders
Wanted: 80 liter (40kg) cylinders, any offer considered.
Wanted: 4x CB2088 cylinders
Wanted: 4x CB2088 cylinders, any offer welcome.
Wanted: Larger capacity balloon
Wanted: Larger capacity balloon for rent for for the rest of the season (July-October) for an operation in the Czech Republic. Capacity 12+. Preferably Cameron or Kubicek, in OK condition, on trailer. Will pay own insurance. Purchase of equipment is for further discussion (Cameron only).
Wanted: Complete ballooning equipment
Wanted: Complete ballooning equipment, 120 or 105 (3.400 or 3.000 m3), with basket for pilot + 3 passengers, appropriate burner and cylinders, trailer, 6.5 or 8.0 HP inflation fan. Should have valid ARC. Planned budget is around € 9.500,-. Please send your offers with detailed description and photographs.
Wanted: Bottomend for 12-14 passengers
Wanted: Bottomend for 12-14 passengers (basket and burner), preferably Kubicek and less than 150 hrs.
Wanted: Complete 120
Wanted: Complete equipment 120.000 ft3. All offers considered.