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Lindstrand 105 bottom end
Lindstrand 105 basket, built 1997, 110 hrs. 1.55m x 1.10m. Black leather top rim, cushion floor, including tank straps, first aid kit, drop line. Lindstrand LBL double Jetstream burner, built 1997, 110 hrs. REGO fittings. All in like new condition. Recently inspected and LBL mandatory modification carried out.
Wanted: Complete 120
Wanted: Complete equipment 120.000 ft3. All offers considered.
Cameron 105/120 basket
Cameron CB310-4A 105/120 basket (CN BH985). Outside dimensions 1.40m L x 1.20m W x 1.15m H, inside dimensions 1.30m L x 1.00m W x 1.00m H. Cushion floor, pole bag, 4 poles, 4 covers, 4 karabiners. Comes with EASA Form 1. Immediately available.
PH-WNG Cameron N-105
PH-WNG, Cameron N-105, built 1998, 274 hrs flown, 27 hrs tethered, 301 hrs total. Hyperlast parachute and top down to equator. Turning vents. In perfect condition, ARC valid until 03/2018. Immediately available.
ES-HAB Thunder & Colt 120A
ES-HAB, Thunder & Colt 120A, built 1993, 620 hrs. Tri-vent, turning vents. Including scoop (not shown in pictures). The number of hours in the log book is believed to be higher than the factual number of hours flown, probably to have more hours in the pilots log book, 400-450 hrs might be more fair. In the last 8 years the envelope has been flying in Estonia, no more than 4 or 5 passengers have been carried. In good condition. ARC valid until 15/03/2018.
Cameron dropline 50m
Cameron dropline 50m in red bag, with karabiner. In very good condition. Immediately available.
Dittel basket antenna
Dittel basket antenna. In very good condition. Immediately available.
Cameron 105/120 bottom end
Cameron 105/120 bottom end, built 01/2002, 454 flights. Cameron CB8022issA all-cane weave tucked high-spec basket with solid floor, step holes on both long sides, red suede top rim, cushion floor, document bag, fire extinguisher, 4 new karabiners. Cameron CB2222-2 double Super Shadow burner, liquid pilot lights, new hoses, REGO fittings, fully serviced. In height adjustable gimbal block burner frame with brand new pump. SB22 compliant. In great condition. Comes with fresh EASA form 1. Immediately available.
Wanted: Bottomend for 12-14 passengers
Wanted: Bottomend for 12-14 passengers (basket and burner), preferably Kubicek and less than 150 hrs.
REGO female to TEMA male adaptor
REGO female to TEMA male adaptor. In perfect condition. Immediately available.
Adaptor REGO 76475C to forecourt
Adaptor cargas Rego 76475C to cargas forecourt. In good condition. Immediately available.
60m3 model balloon
60m3 model balloon, envelope built August 2013, approximately 10 hrs flown. With velcro parachute, nomex mouth and scoop. Banner velcro around equator. Small basket with 2 x 2.5 liter Boelling tanks mounted on outside, with powerful single Boelling burner. Comes with drop line, 6 channel 2.4ghz Futaba radio, battery and charger.
Wanted: Complete ballooning equipment
Wanted: Complete ballooning equipment, 120 or 105 (3.400 or 3.000 m3), with basket for pilot + 3 passengers, appropriate burner and cylinders, trailer, 6.5 or 8.0 HP inflation fan. Should have valid ARC. Planned budget is around € 9.500,-. Please send your offers with detailed description and photographs.
Cameron Bonanno Y-type Quick Release
Cameron Bonanno Y-type Quick Release, with all ropes, 2 karabiners and ring. Bought new in 2012, only used for 74 inflations in light wind conditions.
Airpusher, red. In good condition. Immediately available.
3.0m single axle Westfalia trailer
3.0m single axle Westfalia trailer, gas struts replaced in 2015, both wishbones replaced in 2016 (genuine Westfalia parts). New tyres in 2016, new lid lock in 2017. Locking hitch. All in good order, always kept under cover. Low mileage as mostly used for local flights. Artwork will be removed.
Schroeder VA70 cylinder
Schroeder VA70 cylinder, red cover, REGO fitting, quick shut off valve. Slave but with PRV built in vapour-ready valve. Rubber top ring. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2020. In perfect condition, immediately available.
Cameron Skyhopper bottom end
Cameron Skyhopper bottom end with adapted Worthington tank. Fuel level warning system, both electronic and standard pilot light ignition, burner can be operated through twist grip next to seat or standard toggles on burner. Checked at Cameron factory in 2015 where fuel level sensor has been improved.
OK-2083 Kubicek BB20XR
OK-2083, Kubicek BB20XR, built 2009, approximately 405 hrs. 2.000 m3 / 70.000 ft3. 11 see safe windows in top. Kubicek K10 basket, bit older but very strong, weighs only approximately 70 kg. Kubicek H3D double burner, very efficient, less weight and good consumptions. Can be fitted with either REGO or TEMA on sale. Considering number of hours flown, envelope is in very good condition. ARC valid until 04/2018.
2x Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinders
2x Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinders, built 1998, TEMA fitting, slave, quick shut off valves, black cover. PRV valid until 02/2018. PPT/INT valid until 12/2018.
3.0m tandem axle Westfalia trailer
3.0m tandem axle Westfalia trailer, built 11/2013. Empty weight 500 kg. Max load 2200kg. Max total weight 2700 kg. Inside dimensions 3.00m x 1.40m. Cargo rails on inside. Ramps for easy loading. Price when new: 9.750,- incl VAT. Available after January 2018.
3.0m tandem axle Westfalia trailer
3.0m tandem axle Westfalia trailer with high side panels (just renewed), new led lights in front. Tyres in good condition. 7 pin lighting connector. Roll bars to easy roll in/out the basket. All documents and keys included. Ready to transport your balloon.
OO-BZD Cameron Z-160
OO-BZD, Cameron Z-160, built 02/2003. 480 flights, 520 hrs. Hyperlast top (up from equator), all other fabric is tartan weave. Turning vents, smart vent. New parachute installed by Cameron Balloons Bristol in 03/2013 at 360 flights, 400 hrs. Always flown with Cameron 120P basket. Artwork can stay. In very good condition, normal fuel consumption, will last for several years. Available from mid September 2017. Will be delivered with valid ARC. For Belgian pilots we have an interesting deal to earn back your purchase by doing some flights with our passengers. Contact us for more info.
OK-3050 Kubicek BB42Z
OK-3050, Kubicek BB42Z, built 2003, 440 flights, 470 hrs. 4.200 m3 / 148.000 ft3. All polyester fabric. Rapid deflation system, turning vents. ARC valid until 03/2018. No damages, no artwork. Occasionally flown with 6 passengers. Kubicek K22 open basket, outside dimensions 1.80m x 1.25m, brown suede top rim, fully equipped, in very good condition. Kubicek Komet Plus double burner, built 2003, vapour pilot lights, REGO fittings. New hoses. In operation in Brno, Czech Republic, test flight can be arranged.
8x Schroeder VA50 cylinders
8x Schroeder VA50 cylinders, built 1995, 245hrs. REGO fitting, slave, black cover. Needs new PRV/PPT/INT (last inspected in 2005). In very good condition.
Kubicek K13S bottom end
Kubicek K13S sport basket, built 2015, 50 flights, 40 hrs. Basket weight 45 kg. Black leather top rim, side wall padding, cushion floor, fire extinguisher, drop line. Outside dimensions 1.25 x 1.16m. Fully woven basket ends, no open sides. Kubicek Ignis double burner, built 2015, 50 flights, 40 hrs. Liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. In height adjustable frame. In excellent condition. Flights/hrs include some static inflations only. Will split.
Wanted: Larger capacity balloon
Wanted: Larger capacity balloon for rent for for the rest of the season (July-October) for an operation in the Czech Republic. Capacity 12+. Preferably Cameron or Kubicek, in OK condition, on trailer. Will pay own insurance. Purchase of equipment is for further discussion (Cameron only).
Lindstrand LBL V30
Lindstrand LBL V30 cylinder, built 1996, REGO fitting, QSO valve, blue cover. PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2021. Comes with fresh EASA Form 1. Immediately available.
4x Worthington cylinder
4x Worthington cylinder, built 1992, Aerostar fittings, black cover, PRV/PPT/INT valid until 04/2022.
VHF car roof antenna
VHF car roof antenna, with magnetic foot. BNC connector.
Icom IC-A6E
Icom IC-A6E, 25 khz channel spacing. With wall charger
Pilot bag
Pilot bag, red
Garmin GPSmap 60CS
Garmin GPSmap 60CS, used.
Indespension tandem axle trailer
Indespension tandem axle trailer, built 2014, bed dimensions 3.00m x 1.65m. Rear rollers, winch, new battery, new spare wheel. Tyres in very good condition. Serviced annually from new.
Thunder & Colt C3 Magnum
Thunder & Colt C3 Magnum double burner, built 1991. Liquid pilot lights, 2 whisper burners, REGO fittings. Including padded burner bag. Used private only, well maintained. Recently serviced. Comes with EASA Form 1.
G-DUGI Lindstrand LBL 90A
G-DUGI, Lindstrand LBL 90A, built 1999, 236 hrs. Hyperlast parachute + 3 rows. Turning vents. Ripstop at top porous. Flies well but uses lot of fuel. Would make great tether balloon or training balloon. New inspection and fresh ARC can be arranged on sale. All monies from sale will go to Macmillan Cancer Charity.
G-CEOI Cameron C-60
G-CEOI, Cameron C-60, built 2007, 45 hrs. Dual turning vents. Ideal for Duo Airchair. In very good condition. ARC valid until December 2016.
Ultramagic Tekno CT02 bottom end
Ultramagic Tekno CT02 basket, built 2014, rarely used for indoor tethers only. 1m x 1.2m, black cordura, velcro for basket banner, tank harnesses. Ultramagic MK21 double burners, built 2014, rarely used, REGO fittings, liquid pilot lights. Bags for basket and burner. Tanks available separately if required. In as brand new condition.
G-CBLO Lindstrand LBL 42A
G-CBLO, Lindstrand LBL 42A, built 2002, 115 hrs. Hyperlife top (3 rows + parachute). Detachable lightweight crown line. In good and clean condition, no smells. Can be used with hopper or basket + burner. MTOW 416 kg. ARC valid until 18/06/2018. Not flown since inspection. Immediately available.
Icom IC-A6E
Icom IC-A6E with NiMH battery pack. 25 khz channel spacing. All in good working order. Can supply desk charger with UK plug if required.
D-OMNR Cameron Z-120
D-OMNR, Cameron Z-120, built 2002, 590 hrs, Hyperlast top, turning vents, artwork on one side - can be removed. Varous panels around parachute and turning vents have been replaced already. Schroeder V basket, built 2012, 162 hrs. Red cordura top rim, sidewall padding, quick release with rope, 8 tanks traps, various bags for drop line, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, radio, etc. Schroeder FB6 double burner, built 2012, 162 hrs. TEMA fittings. 4x Schroeder VA50 cylinder, TEMA fittings, blue cover. 3x PRV/PPT/INT valid until 2022, 1x until 2024. Kufer single axle trailer, with mounts for inflation fan and cylinder. The back sides can be used as ramp. Flytec 6040 with TT34 temperature sensor. Dittel FSG 71 MPC radio with antenna in basket. Dittel FSG 18 PL radio. Including carts for basket and envelope. ARC valid until 15/07/2017. For sale because of health issues. Only to be sold as complete set. 6.5 HP or 8.0 HP inflation fan available optionally.
Cameron 90/105 bottom end
Cameron CB303 BH443 basket, built 1989. Square shaped basket, 1.30m x 1.30, 1.10m high. Black suede top rim. MK4 Super double burner, built 1989, liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. Inspection valid until 01/09/2017.
Cameron 90-105 bottom end
Cameron 90-105 CB300-4A Aristocrat basket, built around 1995, approximately 200 hrs. Black suede top rim, cushion floor, drop line. Cameron MK4 Super double burner, vapour pilot lights, silent jets. REGO fittings. In good condition.
5.0 HP inflation fan
5.0 HP inflation fan, red steel square frame. GX200 Honda Engine, wooden propeller. Easy to store in basket during transportation. In excellent state of maintenance. Just had is annual maintenance.
OE-RAB Kubicek BB42Z
OE-RAB Kubicek BB42Z, built 08/2010. 4.200 m3 / 147.000 ft3. 208 hrs flown, 7 hrs tethered. Smart vent, turning vents, new velcros. Some minor repairs done. Artwork can be removed, sewn only. ARC valid until 01/09/2017. In good condition. Can be optionally sold with Cameron CB3238 partioned basket, built 08/2010, with height adjustable burner frame (no burner available!).
OE-RZS Cameron N-90
OE-RZS, Cameron N-90, built 11/1989, 192:25 hrs flown, 01:20 hrs tethered. Hyperlast top third. Artwork can be removed (sewn). MK4 Super double burner, built 1989, liquid pilot lights, REGO fittings. Cameron CB303 BH443 basket, built 1989. Square shaped basket, 1.30m x 1.30, 1.10m high. Black suede top rim. Some minor repairs done to envelope, scoop bit burned but in good condition. ARC valid until 01/09/2017. Will split.
Ultramagic C0 bottom end
Ultramagic C0 one person basket, designed to carry tanks inside. Ultramagic Single Mk10 burner with vapour pilot lights. No tanks included but available if wished. ARC valid until 18/08/2017. Willing to sell burner (£ 1.200,-) and basket (£ 1.400,-) separately.
G-CIGA Ultramagic H-42
G-CIGA, Ultramagic H-42, built 1996, first registered in 2014. 19 flights, 12.5 hrs. Turning vents, velcro for banners at equator on both sides. Temp label reads 82 degrees C. ARC valid until 18/08/2017.
6.5 HP inflation fan Tempest
6.5 HP inflation fan Tempest Power Blower, some very intelligent features for moving and tilting. Output 560 m3 per minute. Very little use, in great condition. Immediately available.
Bonanno quick release
Bonanno quick release, with 2 karabiners. In great condition. Immediately available.