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Flymount - 4th Generation
Flymounts were the world's first camera mount designed specifically for action photography, and are now used by TV crews, pro photographers, athletes and of course balloonists across the globe.

The unique system works with virtually ANY camera on the market, giving a bomb proof attachment to envelope, burner frame, basket, etc.

The Flymount is made in the UK from glass reinforced Nylon 6-6, and marine grade stainless steel, to ensure unbeatable resistance to sunshine, saltwater and extremes of temperature.

Where the previous generation Flymount weighs around 155g (5.46oz), the 4th Generation Flymount is even about 30 grams lighter! This makes the Flymount one of the lightest mounts on the market today, allowing our customers to film without feeling the weight of a heavy mount on their kit.

To prevent movement and equipment damage, the jaws are lined with protective, hard wearing urethane. All Flymounts are supplied with a high quality braided polyester lanyard.

The Flymount is fitted with a GoPro fitting.
A 1/4" screw fitting can be ordered separately (€ 14,- incl 21% VAT).

All items will be provided with both fittings without additional costs.

Images are showing the 3rd generation Flymount and do not represent the 4th generation.

Click here to find more detailed information on the manufacturers website.

€ 55.00 incl 21% VAT[*]
€ 45.45 excl 21% VAT[*]

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